Introducing Our Watch

Our Watch was established by the Commonwealth and Victorian governments in 2013 for the purpose of driving nation-wide change in the culture, behaviours and attitudes that lead to violence against women and children.

Our Watch recently released its five-year strategic plan, which outlines steps to be taken to see more people across Australia community rejecting violence against women and their children, and taking positive action to stop this violence before it happens. They have also released a statement of priorities for 2015.

Also available are a number of policy briefs. Our Watch commissioned these to inform their work. Each brief provides an overview of a key issue relevant to violence against women and their children, including the evidence. More briefs on pertinent issues will be released over time.

Our Watch Policy Brief 1 – Key terms, definitions and statistics

Our Watch Policy Brief 2 – An emerging theory of change

Our Watch Policy Brief 3 – International Evidence Base

Our Watch Policy Brief 4 – Prevention in other policy areas

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