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Everyday Sexism: Girls’ and young women’s views on gender inequality in Australia

Plan International Australia and Our Watch

October 2016

The Plan International Australia and Our Watch survey on young women’s experiences of inequality was conducted by IPSOS Australia with 600 girls and young women aged 15-19 between December 2015 and February 2016. Plan International and Our Watch commissioned this survey to obtain a deeper understanding of young women’s gendered experiences, their most pressing desires for change, and their insights into how to address gender inequality in Australia. This survey explored young women’s experiences, perceptions and suggestions for change in three key areas:

  • Everyday experiences of gender equality, inequality and sexism;
  • Girls’ and young women’s safety – online, at home, school and work, and in relationships;
  • Sexual health and reproductive rights.

Start a Conversation – online resource


Australian Government – a joint Australian, state and territory initiative

This online resource provides  parents, family members, teachers, coaches, community leaders and employers with tools to support conversations with young people about respectful relationships and respect for women. Resources include:

  • a respect checklist  to become more aware of what boys and girls might be thinking in disrespectful or aggressive situations.
  • a conversation guide to help you talk more confidently and openly with young people about the importance of respectful relationships.
  • a series of video messages from parenting educators providing tips to get you started on having conversations about respect.

Gender, Age and the Perceived Causes, Nature and Extent of Domestic and Dating Violence in Australian Society

Cale, J. and Breckenridge, J. (2015) Gender, Age and the Perceived Causes, Nature and Extent of Domestic and Dating Violence in Australian Society, Gendered Violence Research Network, UNSW Australia.

This study examined the perceptions and attitudes of young Australian adults (aged 16-25 years) toward domestic violence and dating violence. This study was based on a convenience sample of 3193 individuals who completed an online survey hosted on the White Ribbon Australia website. Attitudes towards, and perceptions of, domestic and dating violence were examined according to the gender and age of respondents.

She Speaks Report 2014

YMCA Australia, 2014

The She Speaks survey of 1600 young women, ages 15-30 in Australia is the largest survey of its kind “collecting information from young women about their attitudes, perceptions and experiences of leadership”. The report from YWCA and report from the Institute of Social Science Research (ISSR) at the University of Queensland has found young women and girls have strong leadership ambitions, but report experiencing sexism, gender stereotyping and violence.