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Preventing Violence Together was developed by and for community health agencies and local governments in the western region, with Women’s Health West as the lead agency.

The vision for the action plan is communities, cultures and organisations in the western region that are non-violent, non-discriminatory, gender equitable and promote respectful relationships.

The proposed actions respond to the determinants of violence against women – that is, the factors that cause men to commit violence against women in the first place. Actions for signatory organisations include:

  • Demonstrate high-level leadership by integrating prevention of violence against women as core organisational business, and reflect this at all levels of the organisation
  • Provide opportunities for men within your organisation and community to engage in programs that explore and promote positive masculinities, for example, programs to promote responsible fatherhood
  • Embed principles of gender equity into all relevant organisational projects, plans, programs, policy, services, work plans, research, and partnerships

Download the  Preventing Violence Together  to find out more about our prevention of violence against women activities.


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