She’s Price(d)less: The economics of the gender pay gap

Title: She’s Price(d)less – The economics of the gender pay gap

Author: KPMG

Date of Publication: 2016

This report uses structured econometric modelling to determine the factors that underpin the gender pay gap, and to what extent they contribute to the issue. This report is an update to an analysis initially conducted in 2009 which showed that despite the endeavours of government and business, the size of the gender pay gap, and in particular the role of gender discrimination, has remained stagnant in the past seven years.

Given the significant public debate since the release of the original 2009 Report, this update is intended to further contribute to the current public discussion, and drive a deeper and more holistic understanding of the social and economic factors that contribute to the gender pay gap. An Executive Companion, has also been made available that provides a snapshot of the research findings.

Read the full report here.

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